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About us

Blvck Konig Clothing was created in 2015 and offers unique and trendy collections of clothing at an affordable cost. It’s Key demographics are both male and female from the ages of 14-32 years of age, with its competitors being brands such as: Pink Dolphin, DGK, Huff, Primitive, and Obey. Blvck Konig Clothing offers a fun and creative concept based on historical references infused with a touch of conspiracy. The message behind the clothing brand teaches youth that by any means necessary they must overcome all obstacles to become the king or queen of their own kingdom. “King/Queen of the castle symbolizes the embodiment of success. Blvck Konig Clothing belongs to Blvck Konig Arts and Culture, a non profit organization that specializes in the development of at-risk and adjudicated youth from the ages of 8-23 years old. Statistically, this age group is particularly more likely to be problematic, but also show most signs of receptiveness. Blvck Konig Arts and Culture creates broad art-based curriculums in visual arts and fashion; where students will learn new skills and develop projects that will be displayed at an end-term event for their community. Blvck Konig Arts and Culture was established in 2019, but has been assisting local communities in Southern California and Central Georgia since 2015. A large percentage of proceeds raised by Blvck Konig Clothing, are channeled back into Blvck König Arts and Culture to provide resources and opportunity for the at risk youth.